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Sardinia: Mediterranean island paradise


Trip description:

Embark on an unforgettable journey by setting sail on an exclusive catamaran trip from Olbia/Portisco. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Mediterranean and discover the hidden treasures of the Sardinian coast.

Start your sailing trip from the picturesque coasts of Olbia or Portisco and experience the incomparable beauty of the region. The clear waters, golden beaches and historic towns make Sardinia a paradise for sailing lovers.

During your trip, you could head to enchanting destinations such as the island of La Maddalena or picturesque coves to experience the unique atmosphere of Sardinia. Feel the wind in your sails, enjoy the Mediterranean sun and immerse yourself in the relaxed ambience of this dreamlike environment.

Our experienced team is ready to make your catamaran sailing trip from Olbia/Portisco an unforgettable experience. Experience with us the beauty of the Sardinian coast, from hidden coves to charming port towns. Book your exclusive sailing trip now and let’s explore the wonders of the Mediterranean together.

7 Day Sea View Experience with Amenities Included:

Enjoy the sailing trip under the guidance of a German-speaking skipper.

Optional: Receive professional sailing instruction as needed.

Get an official nautical mileage confirmation after you have successfully completed your trip.

Experience restful nights in your booked berth on board.

Use comfortable equipment such as pillows, blankets and covers.

Relax in fresh linens provided.

Cook with ease thanks to the included gas for the oven and stove.

Begin the journey with an initial filling of fresh water.

Benefit from comprehensive yacht insurance for your safety.

Use high-quality safety equipment and reliable means of navigation.

You can also explore the surrounding waters with the included dinghy and outboard motor.


On-board cash (estimated €150-300 per person):

The on-board cash register includes port fees, final cleaning, diesel, gas, water, WiFi/Internet, deposit insurance and meals on board (billed according to consumption; the skipper does not pay in and is provided with meals from the on-board cash register).

Travel insurance, possible transfers, travel insurance and shore excursions are not included

18.05.-25.05.2024 - 845€

25.05.-01.06.2024 - 845€

06.07.-13.07.2024 - 945€

13.07.-20.07.2024 - 945€

20.07.-27.07.2024 - 945€

27.07.-03.08.2024 - 945€

03.08.-10.08.2024 - 945€

10.08.-17.08.2024 - 945€

17.08.-24.08.2024 - 945€

24.08.-31.08.2024 - 945€

31.08.-07.09.2024 - 845€

05.10.-12-10.2024 - 845€

12.10.-19.10.2024 - 845€

19.10.-26.10.2024 - 845€

Dates & Prices:

Dufour 380

Hanse 460

Bavaria Cruiser 46

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519

Beneteau Oceanis 51.1

Lagoon 42

Bali 4.1

Fountain Pajot Astrea 42

Fountain Pajot Lucia 40

Lagoon 40

Welcome on board!

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No matter whether it's a luxurious yacht or a comfortable catamaran - here you will find information about every type of ship.

Get ready for unforgettable moments on the water.

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